fucking shit

Taco, Tyler the Creator and last but not least the wonderful Kid Cudi

Can’t sleep

You have to find a balance on how to act with people. I find that I always wanna stay true to myself so sometimes it’s hard to pump the brakes on certain things. But the truth is that sometimes you have to change the way you act with people if they aren’t acting right. That doesn’t mean you’re not being yourself, but if you truly care for someone you can’t do things to please them if they don’t deserve it. You put them first and then what about you ? Fuck you right ? Because they don’t care enough to change. I mean think about it, you’ve met this incredible person and they tell you that you’re doing something they don’t like and you know that what you’re doing isn’t right…. Wouldn’t you change ? I know I would and so can they. I know people don’t stick around and wait forever.

Everything made out of sugar and based on slavery
Kara Walker
Domino Sugar Factory 2014

Tyler, Taco and Jasper