fucking shit

Starting to feel lost, I just feel like I’ve been let down. I feel myself slowly changing and I’m not sure if I like it. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing. I feel like everything that I thought, wasn’t. It wasn’t want I thought it was and that broke me.

6:15 can’t sleep

Oh life 20 years in and no matter how hard it gets I’m still here

Just wanna appreciate more

Starting 2015 I’m gonna buy a huge mason jar and fill it up with all the good things that 2015 brings me and read them all when that year is ending.

Bacon for breakfast is probably one of the best things ever

Sooo done

Everyone just wants to feel good enough

I can’t sleep without showering, brushing my teeth and moisturizing my lips

It’s so cold in my room

You need to take the time out of the day to let those who mean something to you know what they mean to you. Life isn’t guaranteed you never know who’s not going to wake up tomorrow

Common and Lupe on the same stage 😍

Gym early in the morning since I didn’t go today

I want my peircing to heel already

I just need someone to talk to

Shutting down