fucking shit

I need a vacation

All I want from life is sincere happiness. I want to wake up every morning and be happy with the person I am and what I’ve done. I want to look back 50 years from now and tell people how hard I worked to accomplish my most important dream.

Syd tha Kid has such an amazing voice 

Being sick sucks. I just wanna go out and do fun shit

Thinking about laying low for a bit. I just need to feel better about certain things and not find distractions that can help me avoid those certain things.

Water gifs are my favorite 

Don’t ever give yourself to someone.
Don’t give all of you to someone. Nobody will ever appreciate all of you, you’re just gonna end up hurt.

Haven’t laughed like I laughed tonight in a while

Life is too short to just have sex on a bed.

So you guys want to talk shit about Pharrell’s hat and not talk shit about that new Romero and Drake song ? Ya’ll need to get your priorities straight

5:41 am…. Still up

Bad feeling

My nipples have been hard for way too long. It’s too cold in my house

Aggy as fuck

Feeling sick and have to clean the house because apparently nobody else lives here but me

Whoever I move into with in the future better warn me when someone’s coming over if they don’t want the other person to see me naked