fucking shit

4:29 am, my best friend just left my house and it’s the last time I see her before she goes to school. Man I’m gonna miss her


Every night is just becoming longer and longer

Dominican breakfast for dinner 😋

My sandwiches are apparently kind of a big deal

Not feeling this

I don’t know what I’m doing
I don’t know what I’m gonna do tomorrow or the next day
I wake up with hope everyday
That I find a way around my life
That I find a way out of this pain
That I find happiness that never goes away

Long night

9:17 am
I need sleep

So my friend is making tacos

The best shit is being high and have someone saying funny shit back to back

I want to dedicate this weekend to my best friend. She goes away to college and last year her phone was broken for the most part so we didn’t get to talk much. This summer she came back and ended up going to PA for the summer to help her sister out so I haven’t been able to spend that much time with her. She’s coming down this weekend and it’s the last time I’m gonna see her for a while. She’s starting school soon and when she starts she’s gonna be pledging. Which mean she won’t be able to talk or text anybody with the exception of the other people pledging and her mom. I just want to take advantage and spend the most time I can with her

I need to go on a long walk